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Carleen Carrasco

Born: Orange, CA

Residency: Huntington Beach, CA


I am a creative multi-disciplinary conceptual Designer specializing in Graphic Design, Video Production & Editing, Print Production, Social Media, Web Design, conceptional Interior Design, UX/UI Design, plus Illustration & Fine Artist. My inspirations and creative imagination ranges from real life-stories, experiences, and life discoveries. As a child, my first illustrated book was of a children fables.  The magical illustrations pages influenced me to draw and illustrate; eventually expressing it further through the performing arts (theater and music).  


The process begins in detailed research of the subject/client to create concept theme boards and initial thumbnail layout compositions.  This includes color and value studies to deliver the story’s message. Various mediums are used to determine which one best suits the piece.  Hand drawn sketches are then transferred to digital software graphic files. The final presentation always determines whether it will remain a fine art piece, or if it becomes a digital file for print or web presentations.


I also believe in continued education to keep refreshed in techniques, styles, and to stretch the imagination while exploring storytelling narrative illustrations with today’s technology. As a creative conceptual designer and artist, you must continue to grow with every opportunity in life.  In memory of my first mentor and beloved father who advised, “Never let a day go by without learning

something new.”



2020: SD Voyager Magazine:

The following link is to the SD Voyager Magazine interview article where I have recently been published. On the site, you can find it on the homepage in an article titled: "What role has risk taking played in your life or career? "


2018: - April 2018 - ; Thought-Provokers series at the top of the homepage as part of the North Park, South Park, Kensington & Normal Heights collection: Local Creatives / Artists and Interview articles.

2015 & 2016:

"Left at the Church": Collage of Digital Images and gouache illustration, published in April 2016, in the "2016 Orange Coast Review Journal Publication, presentation book release event and exhibited at the Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion, Costa Mesa, CA

"Red Trees", Watercolor rendering was published in April 2015, in the "2015 Orange Coast review Journal Publication and book release event , and exhibited at the Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion, Costa Mesa, CA

"Legends" (group exhibit) -Orange Coast College- Art Center-Project Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA

Orange Coast College - Administration Office, Executive Offices, Costa Mesa, CA (Life in Trees Paintings)


  • Orange Coast College Narrative Illustration Program banner (Graphic Design)

  • “Aesop's Lost Fables” book - (Graphic Design)

  • “Campfire Sing-A-Long Coloring Book” (Graphic Designer and contributing Illustration Artist)

  • Sherlock Holmes: “A Case of Identity” book (Contributing Illustration Artist)

  • “Distilled Essence” exhibit catalog; Kiyo Higashi (1984) Gallery of 15 honored Modernism Artists -  re-visited at The Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion, Costa Mesa, CA - (Graphic Design

Follow My Photography and other Artwork on Instagram: carleencarrasco.designs artwork/

Artwork orders/purchases or commission requests, please send your email to:

or call : (714)336-3257


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SD Voyager Magazine:
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Publication: Orange Coast Review Journal
"Left at The Church", collage of graphic digital & guoache; published 2016 OC Review Journal Publication, presentation event & gallery exhibit, Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA 
"Red Trees", Watercolor; published 2015 OC Review Journal Publication, presentation event & gallery exhibit, Frank M. Doyle  Arts Pavilion Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA
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