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I am a creative multi-disciplinary conceptual Designer specializing in Graphic Design, Video Production & Editing, Print Production, Social Media, Web Design, conceptional Interior Design, UX /UI Design, plus Illustration & Fine Artist.


My inspirations and creative imagination ranges from real life-stories, experiences, and life discoveries. 

I love to think "outside the box" in creating designing concepts and spaces that are functional and aesthetically delivering a message or understanding with LEED sustainability.

I believe in continued education to refresh techniques and styles, while stretching the imagination with today’s technology.  As my first mentor and beloved father advised, “Never let a day go without learning something new.”  I hope to always live by that! 


C: 1-714-336-3257

  • Design Consulting available

  • Artwork and prints available for purchase

  • Taking requests for freelance and career opportunities​​​

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© 2020 - Designed by Carleen Carrasco 

© 2020 -All Programing,artwork, CAD Presentation Drawings & 3D Max images
were created by Carleen Carrasco    (714) 336.3257

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