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"The Evolving Butterfly"

Multiple Spaces

Warehouse Conversion

THE EVOLVING BUTTERFLY Concept: A renovation of an existing historical Lima bean warehouse (1889- 1949): To benefit a non-profit organization that gives back to the local community. Sustainable building materials will be used to meet both LEED certification in restoring and modifying the interior structure, "bringing old to new" environment. Energy efficiency systems provide financial and energy savings to the building's daily function while assisting local energy utilities to the surrounding communities. 

Programming: "The Evolving Butterfly" concept is revealed in each space and main purpose of a non-profit organization to assist those families in domestic violence shelters.
The Program Office:(The Caterpillar Design) progressively nourishes the families from counseling, daycare services, job training, and employee interview training to obtain their new future.  
The Shelter (Cocoon Design) is a private and secured located upstairs from the Program Offices; providing comforts of home for ten families. The Affordable Housing Apartments (The Butterfly Design): Provides temporary housing onsite for 10 graduate program families. While the rent is paid in tiered  increments, it is paid back into a new program cycle, benefiting the next selected families to start a new life.
The Retail Art Gallery (Carterpillar Design): is one of 4 tenant rental businesses on-site that provides employment and rental income back to the program; completing a full cycle of the "Human Options -The Evolving Butterfly Program".


The Evolving Butterfly Program -Multi-Spaces Floor Plans
Program Office and Reception Area
LEFT:  Program Training Room, CENTER: Revolving expansion walls to either room , and
RIGHT: Daycare Center
2nd Floor: Shelter Residencies for 10 families
2nd Floor: Bedroom Perspective - 3D Max modeling & rendering
Affordable Apartments - Floor Plan
Apartment Perspective - 3D Max Modeling & Rendering
Retail Art Gallery Floor Plan

© 2020 - Designed by Carleen Carrasco 

© 2020 -All Programing,artwork, CAD Presentation Drawings & 3D Max images
were created by Carleen Carrasco    (714) 336.3257

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