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The Greater Goods Store

Revised Cross Sectional.jpg
Sectional Elevation- 1st & 2nd Floors Renderings

The Greater Goods Store - Concept: Bringing natural resources and sustainable material to all designers, builders, and retail consumers; "Bringing Nature back to Functional Design" is the business philosophy. Consumer products are made from recyclable and sustainable materials (clothing, housewares and furniture). The second floor "green" Design Resource Center Library provides a one-stop resource of research, order and supply center immediately to the designer.


Both floors are designed with stamped concrete pathways throughout the store; mimicking a tree's branches to various store departments. Suspended ceiling cloud panels designed in pattern and shapes of tree leaves with wood slat ceilings mirroring the floor pathways in design layout.

First Floor: Clothing, Housewares and Furniture Departments are located with a center tree trunk (stairwell) leading to the second floor. Second Floor: "Green" library of sustainable products are for purchase and sale orders. There is also a Design Resource Center for the designers and builders, besides a Cafe "green" patio with "green" live plant walls and a corner waterfall for an aesthetically inviting refreshment area.


Front of Store - Sectional Rendering 
Rear of Store - Sectional Rendering
Interior Sectional - 1st & 2nd Floors

© 2020 - Designed by Carleen Carrasco 

© 2020-All Programing,artwork, CAD Presentation Drawings & 3D Max images
were created by Carleen Carrasco    (714) 336.3257

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