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Corporate Design


Paul Frank Industries

Paul Frank Industries, Costa Mesa, CA

Corporate Office Concept: Paul Frank Industries: It all started with a plastic hand-sewn wallet bearing the smiling face of Julius, the monkey; which expanded to inspiring youthful clothing trends and fun accessory products. The Owner, Pual Frank's inspirational designs were influenced by the artist, Andy Warhol, and by the music from the 1960's - 70's in which he often said, "learn 4 cords and now start a band".  Paul Frank corporate design is of a retro era style which supports the corporate philosophy of "bringing old to new", while the focus is on fun, innocence and freedom, resulting in a unique workplace environment.  There is an actual treehouse in the corporate office where Paul Frank encourages play to stimulate creative concepts to be developed and his sewing machine is found on the table ready to go to work.

Programming: The renovation of the offices includes four main concentrated spaces;
The Reception Area  - products are on display and continuous company video plays for the client tour
The Chill Room (where employees can play musical instruments)
The Think Tank room (for marketing team members brainstorming freedom area)
The Team room where the Treehouse is located and paul Frank's sewing machine for creative minds to play and employees are encouraged to develop projects when the mind just needs a fun breaktime. 

Theme:  Focusing on the 1970's retro atmosphere; illuminated acrylic walls are made with LED lights providing a creative emphasis on four spaces, retro styled furniture - all of which are designed and made from sustainable building materials .

Reception Area - 3D Max Modeling and Rendering
Reception Area - 3D Max Modeling and Rendering

Floor Plan of all Office Spaces

Team Room - Illustration Marker Rendering
Chill Room - Elevation - Illustration Markers & Graphic
Team Room Elevation & Material Board - Illustration Markers & Graphic

© 2020 - Designed by Carleen Carrasco 

© 2020 -All Programing,artwork, CAD Presentation Drawings & 3D Max images
were created by Carleen Carrasco    (714) 336.3257

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